If you want to print more than one document in a document list at one stroke – e.g. sales invoices – you would select 2 or more records and then start printing. But, … in the request page only the last selected document no. or, also possible, no number is set. Internally in most cases… Continue reading Convert SETSELECTIONFILTER to SETFILTER

Active Directory queries from C/AL

I wanted to get a list of all NAV users with displayname and roles per user in a report. The data base is table “Windows Access Control”. One field should show the displayname of each user. The displayname can be read from hidden table “Windows Object”, field Name. To embed that value in the report i tried to import the field with different… Continue reading Active Directory queries from C/AL

Time driven actions with .Net Class Timer

Till Nav 2009 if time driven actions were needed, it was done using automation NTimer.dll (NavTimer). With Nav 2013 and newer Versions Microsoft recommends to avoid usage of automations. As a result many of the common used automations, shipped with Nav 2009 and earlier, disappeared. There are few descriptions, how to solve common issues formerly… Continue reading Time driven actions with .Net Class Timer

Error: Could not load the selected type library

This is a common error, which can be caused by following reasons: an automation is missing the automation was missing, then installed on the system, but the nav object was not re-compiled after installation a different version of the automation is expected by the nav object. If this error occurs, check where the variable is defined (local… Continue reading Error: Could not load the selected type library

Session List in NAV 2009

The Session List in Nav 2013 gives an overview over the active sessions. This overview shows session details for all active sessions. This page is mainly used for debugging purposes, but also useful, if there are problems with sessions or if too many user sessions are open, etc. Till NAV2009R2 the current sessions can be displayed in classic client… Continue reading Session List in NAV 2009

Send Outlook Mail with different Sender Address

For sending outlook mails one can use CU 397 and it works fine, if it’s ok to use the standard outlook profile as sender address (“From”). If you want to use a different sender address, then this is not possible. To get that possibility let’s have a look at the in CU 397 used .net assemblies.… Continue reading Send Outlook Mail with different Sender Address