Setting up precisions

In Dynamics Nav amount and currency precisions are set on a central point, in the General Ledger Setup. These settings apply for the LCY (Local currency). Foreign currencies are configured in page Currency Card (on base of table Currency). Fields “Amount Decimal Places”, “Amount Rounding Precision”, “Unit-Amount Decimal Places” and “Unit-Amount Rounding Precision” are maybe missing in this page. In… Continue reading Setting up precisions

How to: Manage a mobile app project

When a custom mobile client for Dynamics Nav is needed, there are a couple of ways to implement that. A couple of questions need to be answered, major decisions have to be made, especially, if you do want use the app not only for yourself, but you want to provide the app in online stores,… Continue reading How to: Manage a mobile app project

Localisations for NAV

Localizations for specific countries are quite often an issue. Microsoft provides only a couple of localizations: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, India*, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia*, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States. * The supported countries can differ between the Nav versions. The complete lists you’ll find here. For… Continue reading Localisations for NAV

Where-Used-Tools for Dynamics Nav

Dynamics Nav does not ship with a Where-Used-Tool, although it is often needed. A Where-Used Tool is a tool, with which you can check, which nav objects use/reference a certain nav object or a certain table field. Idyn has developed a widly used Toolset, the Object Manager Advanced (OMA). It is very helpful, contains that kind of tool,… Continue reading Where-Used-Tools for Dynamics Nav

Nav 2015 Installation guides & additional materials

I looked for some Nav 2015 tutorials, installation guides, …. Here is the result of the search. Nav 2015 installation guide: How to Install Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Additional materials: Help Information in msdn How do i – Videos NAV 2015 – Upgrade Toolkit: Nav 2009 –> Nav 2015 Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS) Tutorial… Continue reading Nav 2015 Installation guides & additional materials

Time driven actions with .Net Class Timer

Till Nav 2009 if time driven actions were needed, it was done using automation NTimer.dll (NavTimer). With Nav 2013 and newer Versions Microsoft recommends to avoid usage of automations. As a result many of the common used automations, shipped with Nav 2009 and earlier, disappeared. There are few descriptions, how to solve common issues formerly… Continue reading Time driven actions with .Net Class Timer