Differences between Dynamics NAV and AX

An often asked question is: What are the differences between Dynamics Nav and AX? In addition: There is a 3. ERP system provided by Microsoft, Dynamics GP, but this ERP system is only used in the US. Dynamics Nav and AX are both used around the globe.Both were originally developed by danish companies, Navision and… Continue reading Differences between Dynamics NAV and AX

Setting up precisions

In Dynamics Nav amount and currency precisions are set on a central point, in the General Ledger Setup. These settings apply for the LCY (Local currency). Foreign currencies are configured in page Currency Card (on base of table Currency). Fields “Amount Decimal Places”, “Amount Rounding Precision”, “Unit-Amount Decimal Places” and “Unit-Amount Rounding Precision” are maybe missing in this page. In… Continue reading Setting up precisions

Reached 10.000 blog views

Hi, some days ago i recognized, that my blog on wordpress.com reached more than 10.000 views! Additional i reached more than 58.000 views on the mirrored blog of the Dynamics Nav Community blog site and over 2.500 views on the mirrored blog of dynamicsuser.net! Thanks to all have viewed my postings for your interest! I… Continue reading Reached 10.000 blog views

Localisations for NAV

Localizations for specific countries are quite often an issue. Microsoft provides only a couple of localizations: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, India*, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia*, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States. * The supported countries can differ between the Nav versions. The complete lists you’ll find here. For… Continue reading Localisations for NAV

Compare Dynamics Nav Versions

Sometimes it’s needed to compare the features of different Nav versions, especially in scenarios, where there is a decision: Upgrade or not? For that MS has debveleoped a very helpful site: The MS Dynamics Nav Feature Comparision Tool. You can find it here. You get relevant information not only about the main feature topics. You get… Continue reading Compare Dynamics Nav Versions

Case Studies for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

hi, i found a very interesting site on microsoft.com about case studies, where dynamics products are used. Quite detailed information about the project, the business need, country, industry, used dynamics products, results & benefits, etc. For more follow this. Additional Customer Case Studies from around the world you will find at the “Microsoft Dynamics NAV… Continue reading Case Studies for Microsoft Dynamics NAV