5 thoughts on “Dynamically chosen Report logo

      • Thanks for your answer.

        Yes it’s a rdlc report (report 206).
        The logo defends on the “Gen. Bus. Posting Group” on the “Sales Invoice header”.
        My dataset is ok, I can see it passes the rigt logo, but I still can´t handle it i VS in the header.
        I tried with getdata/setdata but it gives me an error due to the hidden property..
        I solved it by making two reports with differents logo’s – not the perfect solution but i Works 🙂


  1. should work with standard code and layout. so best do not change the report there.

    the dataitem in report 206 sales invoice looks like:
    1 DataItem Sales Invoice Header No
    0 Column “No.” No_SalesInvHdr No

    1 DataItem Integer CopyLoop No
    1 DataItem Integer PageLoop No
    0 Column CompanyInfo2.Picture CompanyInfo2Picture No
    0 Column CompanyInfo1.Picture CompanyInfo1Picture No
    0 Column CompanyInfo3.Picture CompanyInfo3Picture No

    the code:

    FormatDocument.SetLogoPosition(SalesSetup.”Logo Position on Documents”,CompanyInfo1,CompanyInfo2,CompanyInfo3);

    so edit cu 368, change fct. SetLogoPosition for your needs.


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