ReplaceString and a new SelectString

With function ConvertStr you can replace substrings in strings. The original substring and the replacement have to have the same length. So what to do, if the length is different? Here is a solution. ReplaceString(String : Text[250];OrigSubStr : Text[100];ReplSubStr : Text[100]) : Text[250] // StartPos : Integer StartPos := STRPOS(String,OrigSubStr); WHILE StartPos > 0 DO BEGIN String… Continue reading ReplaceString and a new SelectString

Convert Tab delimited strings

I had an issue to process a csv file with TAB delimited text lines. The existing code expected text lines with ; as delimiter. Character TAB has ASCII Code 9. So i wrote following code: ConvertTabString(line : Text[250]) : Text[250] ch := 9; // of type Char line := CONVERTSTR(line,FORMAT(ch),’;’); exit(line); test code: // set… Continue reading Convert Tab delimited strings

MVP Roundtable in Vienna

Was invited to participate in the MVP roundtable at Microsoft Headquarter in Vienna on 18th Oct. Got in touch with other austrian MVPs, a group of highly qualified and enthusiastic people, e.g. Toni Pohl and Wolfgang Straßer. Also met my MVP Community Program Manager Cristina Gonzalez Herrero the first time.  Had a great time. cheers  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing and Licensing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing and Licensing is now available on PartnerSource. Visit the following page for more information (PartnerSource access required): There are also pricing and licensing training videos available. For the “Existing Customer Guidance for Renewal” follow:    

About me

Dynamics NAV Consultant, Enthusiast, Community Contributor, Microsoft MVP Archer, born in a small village in Upper Austria, now living in Vienna, started software developing with the age of 14, is now a highly experienced Dynamics Nav Developer, Consultant and  Software Architect for Business Solutions in .Net. He is an autodidact, interested in a variety of… Continue reading About me

Textual Data Export by Configuration

An often by customers wanted feature is to get a data export to a text/csv file, which can then be edited in excel or text editor. Yes, you can use Rapidstart Services. But with that feature you can only export data in excel format, not in text format. That’s ok for editing in Excel and reimport the changed data back to… Continue reading Textual Data Export by Configuration

Item Attributes on NAV 2016

Item Attributes were introduced with Nav 2017, a long missed feature. Nareshwar Raju Vaneshwar has written an interesting posting, how to downgrade that feature to Nav 2016. It’s quite easy … so have a look … We were very impressed by one of the features of NAV 2017 – Limited Beta, Item Attributes. Since NAV 2016… Continue reading Item Attributes on NAV 2016