About me

Dynamics NAV Consultant, Enthusiast, Community Contributor, Microsoft MVP

Archer, born in a small village in Upper Austria, now living in Vienna, started software developing with the age of 14, is now a highly experienced Dynamics Nav Developer, Consultant and  Software Architect for Business Solutions in .Net. He is an autodidact, interested in a variety of technical stuff. Archer has a Master degree in Computer Sciences from Kepler University, Linz, Austria.

Since 2014 he made many, many awsome contributions to the main NAV forums like community.dynamics.com, dynamicsuser.net and mibuso.com, where he is member and moderator, sharing his knowledge and experience. On his NAV blog Archer publishes solutions for daily issues, tutorials and news stuff. The wish to help, support others is the motivation behind the scenes.

On 1/10/2016 he received his first MVP Award! 🙂 Great thing.

He earned the MCC Award from community.dynamics.com 3 times.

His real name is Dipl.Ing. Franz Kalchmair. You can find his linkedin profile in the bottom area of the sidebar.

For some reasons he uses the aliases archer, archer89 and ‘Jonathan Archer’.