How to: Create an automation for usage in Navision

The development of a COM component with .Net for usage in Navision needs a special approach. Start with a new C# project, project type Class Library. Set the project to “Make assembly com-visible”. The simple automation provides a string property and a method to show a .net message box. // a sample code using System;… Continue reading How to: Create an automation for usage in Navision

How to work with big item descriptions

Sometimes it’s needed to save very long descriptions, but in Nav text fields can have only 250 characters. Additional you may want to search in these long text values. You can add a couple of these text fields to save long texts or save the text in text files and add them to the item.… Continue reading How to work with big item descriptions

Check License state of Objects

In Nav forums it’s quite often asked, how to check, if a object is within the current loaded license. There are some solutions for Nav 2009. I did not find a satisfying solution for newer Nav versions. So i’ve developed a “License Permission” Page, which lists Objects and their Permissions. Object IDs, which are not in the… Continue reading Check License state of Objects

Dotnet Events are not shown

There are 2 scenarios, where embedded events of .net (dotnet) assemblies can/should be displayed in the c/al code … or maybe not. Scenario 1: You use a control-addin like the PingPong Control-Addin (Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.PingPong). For usage it’s needed that a control-addin is listed in the Control-Addin Page. If so, you can select it from the list,… Continue reading Dotnet Events are not shown

Working with Excel Documents in Nav

Dynamics Nav is shipped with the opportunity to export every report as Excel document. Additional there is Table ExcelBuffer for exporting each kind of data. An example for this table’s usage is the action “Export to Excel” in Page “G/L Budget”. In table ExcelBuffer there are used some very helpful .net assemblies shipped with Dynamics… Continue reading Working with Excel Documents in Nav

DECSTR – Decrease integer value in string

INCSTR is a C/AL command, which is often used to increase document numbers, which usually start with some letters followed by a number, e.g. AB-00010. With INCSTR(‘AB-00010’)  you get then ‘AB-00011’. In a Nav forum a member asked, if there is a simple way for decreasing such a document no. don’t know, why he needs… Continue reading DECSTR – Decrease integer value in string