How to work with big item descriptions

Sometimes it’s needed to save very long descriptions, but in Nav text fields can have only 250 characters. Additional you may want to search in these long text values. You can add a couple of these text fields to save long texts or save the text in text files and add them to the item.… Continue reading How to work with big item descriptions

Dynamics NAV -Show table relations

In posting “The big picture” i published an upgraded version of Kamil Sacek’s tool to show all the table relations. This version needs a developer license. So it’s not useable for end users without developer license. For that kind of end users i developed a simplified solution, which does not need a developer license. But… Continue reading Dynamics NAV -Show table relations

Dynamics Nav – The big picture

Kamil Sacek developed 2008 a nice tool to view and analyse all Nav table relations. It’s a kind of a Where-used-tool, where all the relations are shown. It worked for Nav 5.0. You can download it from here. I upgraded it to Nav 2009 and Nav 2015, reduced complexity, optimized the layout, added and reordered some fields… Continue reading Dynamics Nav – The big picture

Simple Read/Write Excel Data

In a Nav forum there was a question, how to read data from an excel document, change the data in Nav, write data back to the excel document without changing the existing cell formatting. With table ExcelBuffer and the helper assemblies delivered with Nav this cannot be done, because the Write functions e.g. SetCellValueText work… Continue reading Simple Read/Write Excel Data

Where-Used-Tools for Dynamics Nav

Dynamics Nav does not ship with a Where-Used-Tool, although it is often needed. A Where-Used Tool is a tool, with which you can check, which nav objects use/reference a certain nav object or a certain table field. Idyn has developed a widly used Toolset, the Object Manager Advanced (OMA). It is very helpful, contains that kind of tool,… Continue reading Where-Used-Tools for Dynamics Nav