Dynamics Nav – The big picture

Kamil Sacek developed 2008 a nice tool to view and analyse all Nav table relations. It’s a kind of a Where-used-tool, where all the relations are shown. It worked for Nav 5.0. You can download it from here.

I upgraded it to Nav 2009 and Nav 2015, reduced complexity, optimized the layout, added and reordered some fields in the table relations page/form and added needed buttons.

Installation and Usage:

  • Precondition:
    Export all tables from the database as text, save the export e.g. as tabs-60.txt. For that a developer license is needed.
  • How to use:
    1. Import the objects into your DB
    2. Run form/page 66001 Table Relations
    3. Click on button “Update table relations”
    4. Change parameters, if needed. “Fill Table” is preset (relation data is saved in table 66000).
    5. Click the “Process” button
    6. Close the Process form/page.
    7. Now you can browse the relations there. You will see all referred and all referring fields for the selected field.
  • When updating table relations you can optional export the table relation data into a text file for further analyzing or creating a diagram.

Nav 2015 Version:


The “Update table relations” page…


Nav 2009 Version:


The “Update table relations” form …


BPN2.0 for Nav 2015
BPN2.0 for Nav 2009





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