Mass data import

There was an issue with importing all UK post codes from a csv file, about 3m post codes. Importing using rapidstart services (excel import) can cause buffer overflow messages. excel itself has row/size limitations. Increasing MaxNoOfXMLRecordsToSend in config file ClientUserSettings.config from default value 5000 to e.g. 20000 is no problem and can help. Also changing MaxUploadSize in server… Continue reading Mass data import

List pages in Nav 2017 – a new look and feel

TharangaC has written an interesting posting about one of Nav 2017’s new features. Maybe not really a new process or technical feature. It’s more a Wow! This web client feature is the new optional style of list pages . It’s possible to show the items in a list like in a catalogue, has more look… Continue reading List pages in Nav 2017 – a new look and feel

Error Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav Types.Exceptions NavNCLFieldNotFoundException occured

Quite strange error occured during an upgrade process from Nav 2009 to Nav 2013 after upgrade step 1, when starting Nav 2013 RTC. The RTC simply crashed. The event log entries are the following: Application: Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.exe Framework Version: v4.0.30319 Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception. Exception Info: Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Types.Exceptions.NavNCLFieldNotFoundException Exception Info: Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Types.Exceptions.NavNCLFieldNotFoundException… Continue reading Error Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav Types.Exceptions NavNCLFieldNotFoundException occured

Cannot build the page XX. The metadata object Table 0 was not found.

This error can occur during or after an upgrade process. Cause: In the source table of the page there is a field with a wrong tablerelation, in that case with value “Table 0”. That can occur, if the selected table in the table relation was moved, removed or renamed, especially, if that table is a… Continue reading Cannot build the page XX. The metadata object Table 0 was not found.

Incoming Documents instead of Links

If you want to add files to a nav document like orders, then you normally use the link factbox. For that you have to link files on file shares, local paths are not allowed (not reachable from other systems). That only works, if the current user has the needed permission and the network path is… Continue reading Incoming Documents instead of Links

NAV 2017 ready for download

Just checked partnersource. NAV 2017 first release is ready for download on partnersource. Great thing! Seems that there are more new features developed for the web client. A.i.k. the windows client will not be continued, what can be a reason. A complete “What’s new list” you’ll find here. Office 365 Experience Embedded Power-BI Better/Easier Setup and… Continue reading NAV 2017 ready for download