Session List in NAV 2009

The Session List in Nav 2013 gives an overview over the active sessions. This overview shows session details for all active sessions. This page is mainly used for debugging purposes, but also useful, if there are problems with sessions or if too many user sessions are open, etc.

Till NAV2009R2 the current sessions can be displayed in classic client under File–>Database–>Information. There select the “Sessions” tab and click the assist button right to the sessions counter. But sometimes it’s more helpful to have a dictinct (and maybe customisable) form to display the current (user) sessions like in Nav 2013. It can easily be created.


Create a new form with SourceTable “Session” with fields “Connection ID”, “User ID”, “Login Type”, “Login Date”, “Login Time”, “Host Name”, “Application Name”, “Database Name”, “Idle Time”.
Add a filter for field “Database Name” with the value of the current database to trigger OnOpenForm.

Form - OnOpenForm()
// local variables
// database | Record | Database
database.SETRANGE("My Database",TRUE);
SETRANGE("Database Name",database."Database Name");

You can download the form from here.


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