Mass data import

There was an issue with importing all UK post codes from a csv file, about 3m post codes. Importing using rapidstart services (excel import) can cause buffer overflow messages. excel itself has row/size limitations. Increasing MaxNoOfXMLRecordsToSend in config file ClientUserSettings.config from default value 5000 to e.g. 20000 is no problem and can help. Also changing MaxUploadSize in server… Continue reading Mass data import

Copying data to-and-from between Excel & Navision

Great posting from Ashwini Tripathi about copying data between Nav and Excel with Nav Standard Processes: One of my reader has requested to show him how to export data from Nav Journal to Excel, perform correction and import back to Navision. So let us see how can we perform this and what are the limit… Source:… Continue reading Copying data to-and-from between Excel & Navision

Simple Read/Write Excel Data

In a Nav forum there was a question, how to read data from an excel document, change the data in Nav, write data back to the excel document without changing the existing cell formatting. With table ExcelBuffer and the helper assemblies delivered with Nav this cannot be done, because the Write functions e.g. SetCellValueText work… Continue reading Simple Read/Write Excel Data

Working with Excel Documents in Nav

Dynamics Nav is shipped with the opportunity to export every report as Excel document. Additional there is Table ExcelBuffer for exporting each kind of data. An example for this table’s usage is the action “Export to Excel” in Page “G/L Budget”. In table ExcelBuffer there are used some very helpful .net assemblies shipped with Dynamics… Continue reading Working with Excel Documents in Nav