MVP Award part 2 … more or less


Got mail … not from Microsoft, but from FedEx …


So, what does that mean ? Do i get my 2. MVP Award ? A bit Yes and a little bit more of a No. After clarification with Cristina Herero (MVP Program Manager Europe) will MVP Awards given on Oct/16 or later – normally valid for one year, then the candidate will be reevaluated – be extended til July/2018. Veeeery strange, does not feel like a real MVP Award and it’s a bit unfair. But we have to accept that.

All of that because of the changes in the MVP Award Renew Cycle some of us new MVPs get that info in that way.

Like last time: Many, many thanks to my girlfriend for supporting me for so many years in so many ways, bringing light, love and friendliness into my life.

Many thanks to the readers of my Nav blog and the members of the Nav community.



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