Using mailing groups to send contact mails

In a Nav forum there was the question “How to use Mailing groups to send mails only to Contacts using a specific mailing group”.

I researched a bit, but did not find anything. At the end i found out by try and error, that this can be handled within the Nav Marketing module using Segments.

So let’s start: Create a new mailing group, here i use “Christmas”. Add it to the contacts, which you want to send a christmas card. I set the new mailing group to the first 3 contacts. Check, that each contact has a valid email address. For testing purposes use test mail addresses.


Create a new segment, set a description and a salesperson code.

Additional set needed values in tab Interaction. In interaction template code field click on dropdown, select E-MAIL, click Advanced, edit list “Interaction Templates”.

mg12Correspondence Type should be E-Mail. Click on Attachment (Yes or No) to edit the attached word document. Create a christmas card. Save and close word. Attachment field should now be Yes.

Back to Segment Page: Fields Attachment and Correspondence Type should now have values. Set value in Subject. Click “Send Word Docs. as Attmt”, if created word document (christmas card) should be attached to the mail. Not clicking the flag results in copying the text in the word document directly to the mail body (No attachment).

The above steps are needed! I tried to run the whole thing without using attachments. Didn’t work, got an error message: Attachment is needed.

Now click “Add contacts”. There set filter “Mailing group” to “Christmas”.


In that case 3 contacts are now added.


According the settings in the Segments Header, especially tabs General and Interaction, values Corr. Type, Description, Salesperson, Interaction Template and Subject are filled automatically in the inserted lines.

Now we are ready to go.


Click the Log action to send all the christmas mails to the contacts in the list. In the request page click “Send Attachments”. If you want Nav to create a follow-up segment, click the according flag.


We get then a progress window and a resulting message …

Now the Segment page is closed and the segment record is removed from the segments list. So let’s have a look in the list “Logged segments”.


There we are. Here you can resend the mails, if needed …


Additional you can control the interaction by checking the log page. You find the button “Interaction Log entry” in menu tab Navigate. Seems, that emails where sent …


Nice, but were the mails really sent? Let’s check Outlook …


This is the Outgoing Folder in Outlook. Yes, it works indeed. 😀





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