Disable page & ribbon customization

In the RTC client it’s possible to prohibit customizations done by users. This can be controlled by user profiles. In the sample i use profile “Project Manager”. To assign a profile to a user goto page “user personalisation”.


After that close the RTC client and re-open it. After that click on the Dynamics Button (blue button in the top/left corner) on the start page (Home/Role Center) and select menu item “Customize”. There we get a list of subitems to customize the page.


Then we change the profile. To change profile settings write “profiles” into the Search box and select page “Profiles”. Select profile “Project-Manager” and open the card page (Edit Button).


Here set checkbox “Disable Personalization” to true and close the page. After that close the RTC client and re-open the client. Now click again on the Dynamics Button/Customize on the Home page (Role Center). We get then a reduced list with no customze subitems.


Additional changes:

With opportunity to customize you can save filter settings, without you can’t.


In Page “Items “Factbox “Item Details – Invoicing” the settings button with 2 menu items is visible with default settings.


Without customize opportunity the settings button is invisible.


If you have the problem that a user cannot change page settings (Customizations), then check if the user has assigned a profile with above setting “Disable Personalization”.



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