nav 2013 web client limitations & possibilities

the nav web client is the second client to connect to dynamics nav. it was introduced with nav 2013. the main purpose is for outdoor activities. but there are some limitations.

  • the menu structure is reduced to the minimum.
  • there are no possibilities to customize that client.
  • not all pages can be reached by default.

but there are possibilities to pimp the web client.

  • to view any page in the webclient you only need the number of the page,
    e.g. http://localhost:8080/List.aspx?page=16
  • the search window:
    the search window works like the search box in the windows client. every page is so reachable.
    to enable the search window, goto folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\70\Web Client, there open the file web.config in admin mode. search for “<add key=”ShowPageSearch” value=”false”/>”. change the value to true.
    restart the nav webclient in the iis admin.
  • addins for usage with the webclient, goto:
  • for special customization (only for web developer pros):
    add/change the settings in section <httpHandlers> in the web.config
and what else (like george clooney says)?
develope your own client app using nav webservices.

what else?


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